Privacy Policy

This page details the Privacy Policy of The Spoof Republic and is applicable to all pages contained throughout the domain If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please get in touch through our Contact Page.

User Agreement

In accessing this website, you automatically acknowledge and agree to this privacy policy. Specifically, such acknowledgement stipulates that we shall become the owners of any intellectual property left by users and which is automatically collected by this site. Such intellectual property may be in the form of website cookies and/or personal data that users may manually input into the system via online contact forms.

As the subsequent owner of such data, we take all necessary measures to safeguard this information and shall in no circumstances sell or share the data with any other third party, including other companies, websites etc., nor shall we make such information publically available, for example, by sharing it via social media.

However, The Spoof Republic does reserve its rights according to the law to use collected information for its own purposes. Most commonly, this includes using users’ email addresses to send out correspondence and marketing materials as well as using cookies for website analytics purposes.

The administrators of this site shall make sure that users become aware of any changes to this privacy policy; for those who we cannot contact, please check back to this page here at on a regular basis to check for any updated information.